By target group

Academic libraries  

With the help of LM Infor­­ma­­tion Deliv­­ery, it is easy to acquire the most aca­d­e­m­i­­cally esteemed resources as well as resource acqui­si­­tion, use and man­age­­ment ser­vices. We are a com­pe­­tent part­ner that you can rely on dur­ing the com­­plete life cycle of elec­tronic and printed resources.

Medical libraries  

We offer com­pre­hen­­sive tai­lored ser­vices to sup­­port the acqui­si­­tion, man­age­­ment, use and eval­u­a­­tion of the high­­est qual­ity med­i­cal resources. Our ser­vice offer­­ing includes med­i­cal title pack­­ages, use and man­age­­ment ser­vices for e-re­­sources and med­i­cal e-books.

Public libraries  

We pro­­vide pub­­lic libraries and the pub­­lic sec­­tor with an easy solu­­tion for cen­­tralised acqui­si­­tion of dif­fer­­ent printed and elec­tronic titles, news­­pa­pers and mag­a­zines. At the same time, sub­­scrip­­tion man­age­­ment becomes sig­nif­i­­cantly eas­ier.


We pro­­vide cor­po­rate cus­­tomers and infor­­ma­­tion ser­vices with solu­­tions for cost-­e­f­­fi­­cient acqui­si­­tion and man­age­­ment of jour­­nal, news­­pa­per and resource sub­­scrip­­tions. By cen­­tral­is­ing your sub­­scrip­­tions you can save both time and money.