Subscripton management services  

Through LM Information Delivery, it is easy and cost-efficient to acquire all journals that are important to your organisation – be they esteemed international academic journals, newspapers, electronic resources or magazines. We help you to manage the complete life cycle of subscriptions, from ordering and monitoring the subscription to maintenance of the journal database as well as to reporting and budgeting related to the use of resources.

All of our customers can use the LibNet online service free of charge. LibNet is easy to use and updated in real time. It stores subscription information in a single location, and you can order, renew and manage subscriptions with just a few clicks.

Benefits for our customers:

  • A cost-efficient, centralised solution for supporting journal acquisition
  • A selection consisting of hundreds of thousands of Finnish and international titles
  • Versatile and easy-to-use subscription management services and features: ordering new subscriptions, subscription management and renewal, sample issues, complaints, reporting and cost control
  • Technical support for e-journal registration and licensing
  • Training and webinars to support the implementation and utilisation of technical solutions
  • Consolidated invoicing