eResource Access and Management Services  

Working with electronic resources may take a lot of time, money and effort. Electronic resources should be available around the clock, and their formats, licence and management information as well as access rights vary from publisher to publisher.

LM Information Delivery’s eResource Access and Management Services facilitate the use, selection, acquisition and management of electronic resources. We provide our customers with comprehensive, competent and local service as well as advanced technical solutions for the complete life cycle of e-resources.

Our Electronic Resources Consulting (ERC) team specialises in e-resources and is ready to serve you in all matters related to them. We also make significant investments in continuous product development of e-resource solutions.

We provide help for e.g. the following e-resource issues:

  • Finding appropriate e-resources; trialling
  • Comprehensive e-resource use, evaluation and management solutions
  • Acquisition price and licence negotiations, purchase agreements
  • Terms of use
  • Support services and training for using resources and technical solutions
  • Inter-library loan requests