LM Information Delivery’s LibLogistics facilitates the processing of titles. When titles are delivered complete with plastic covers, bar codes and security stickers, they can be put immediately on the shelves and made available to customers.

By using this service, the personnel of your library has more time for personal customer service, training and guidance while keeping costs under control.

Procurement service:

  • Single point of ordering: LM Information Delivery places the subscription, pays the publisher, invoices and conducts all administrative matters related to the titles
  • The library receives only one consolidated invoice per year, unless agreed otherwise
  • Whenever the publisher permits, we use local subscription prices and deliver the cost savings back to the customer
  • Journal check-in and complaints about missing issues are carried out on your behalf, if required
  • Comprehensive reporting on arrived issues and submitted complaints
  • All LibLogistics journal check-in information can be viewed 24/7 through the LibNet subscription management service


  • Material is consolidated and delivered at agreed intervals – for example once a week
  • Consolidation reduces delivery costs
  • All our deliveries are covered by transport insurance


  • Attaching security stripes or RFID identifier tags into your titles
  • Covering titles with plastic covers
  • Installing bar codes
  • Adding circulation lists
  • Removing additional advertising material