eBook Library

eBook Services

LM Information Delivery offers our customers an extensive choice of ebooks and ebook collections from thousands of titles across all disciplines. We look after the acquisition process, initial access set –up and license negotiation on your behalf.

We offer

  • MARC records for cataloguing and Counter compliant usage statistics
  • Remote access
  • Unlimited concurrent users’ licenses
  • A wide selection from thousands of titles across all disciplines
  • Different acquisition options including one off purchase and annual licenses
  • Affordable pricing through joint procurement

Our eBook collection includes e.g. the collections of the following publishers

• Elsevier
• Ovid
• Wiley-Blackwell
• Karger
• Taylor & Francis
• BMJ Group
• Springer
• Thieme
• ProQuest
• IGI Global
• Greenwood Publishing Group
• Verlag Walter De Gruyter
• World Scientifi c
• RSC (The Royal Society of Chemistry) Publishing
• Oxford University Press