Tapiola Library

Tapiola Library, located in the Espoo Cultural Centre, has centralised its subscriptions to LM Information Delivery since 2008. The library is used by many different kinds of customers, as the area is home to many elderly people and the number of families with children has increased over the past few years. The library also has a lot of international and highly educated customers, as the Helsinki University of Technology and the Keilaniemi business area are located close by.

Carola Snell has been working at Tapiola’s busy library for twelve years. As team leader for the service area and journal manager, she knows the library’s resources and journals section well. Although the library’s focus is on traditional, print literature, electronic resources have also found a user base.

“In addition to printed books and journals, e-books and e-journals are also available. I believe that the proportion of these resources will increase as they become easier to use and their prices gradually decrease. In terms of use, it is also important that there are enough suitable reading terminals available.”

It is easy to work with a familiar partner

Tapiola Library became an LM Information Delivery customer in 2008. The services in use are Subscription Management Services and the LibNet subscription management tool. In addition, the library has acquired the online newspaper services ePress and PressDisplay.

“When you work with the same people for several years, cooperation is easy. It is easy to contact people, and interaction is friendly and effortless,” says Snell.

LibNet helps to manage magazines and newspapers in all of Espoo’s libraries

According to Snell, the best part of the LibNet subscription management tool is its ease of use. In addition, LibNet’s selection is extremely wide, consisting of hundreds of thousands of printed and electronic titles.

“LibNet has worked very well for us. We use LibNet to order and renew resources and also to file complaints. It is also helpful for reporting and for determining library-specific expenses. If we have a problem with a certain journal or publisher, we simply contact LM Information Delivery’s customer service through LibNet and they correct the problem.”

Electronic newspapers a good fit for the quick news flow

The selection at Tapiola Library is diversified by both the Finnish newspaper service ePress and the international PressDisplay, which contains nearly 2,000 newspapers and magazines. The newspapers appear in the services immediately after they have been published, so readers no longer have to wait even for newspapers from remote corners of the world to arrive. Snell says that customers have also been overjoyed by the possibility to print out individual articles or forward them via e-mail.

“I am genuinely surprised that even our most elderly customers are so open-minded about using the online services. People search for news from their old hometown or country, and the resources are easy to read when the text can be enlarged to suit the reader’s preferences. Our customers have been satisfied after finding news from small places or obscure countries through the services.”

According to Snell, e-newspaper services have meant direct savings for the library. They have been able to stop ordering printed journals that are rarely read, as they can now be found at the library in online format and the archives extend a few months back. The savings have been used at the Tapiola Library to develop the periodicals section, for instance, much to the delight of customers.

Benefits for Tapiola Library:

  • LM Information Delivery’s services used: Subscription Management Services, LibNet subscription management tool, ePress, PressDisplay
  • Benefits: Easy management of journals, effortless access to Finnish and international newspapers

LM Information Delivery’s services used

Subscription Management Services, LibNet subscription management tool, ePress, PressDisplay