Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

The Library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland is located by the sea in the Katajanokka neighbourhood in Helsinki. This special library holds an extensive collection of different resources on foreign, security and development policy, diplomacy, international law and human rights, economy, globalisation and environment, for instance. The library has been LM Information Delivery’s customer since 2006.

The library supplies information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and employs four persons, so a lot of attention has been paid to resource management. The clientele of the Library consists mainly of officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and students of foreign affairs.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a large organisation: we serve nearly 2,000 customers, including the personnel at Finnish embassies. Officials need a great deal of information in their work. Journals and other titles from various fields are popular external information sources,” says librarian Jaana Puumalainen, describing the everyday activities at the special library.

Through LM Information Delivery, the library has procured a subscription management service, the international newspaper service PressDisplay and the 360 Core e-resource portal that facilitates the use and management of e-resources. Puumalainen has been satisfied with the fact that ever since the beginning of cooperation, they have worked with the same contact persons.

Demo testing of LibNet 3.0

In December 2010, a new version of LM Information Delivery’s LibNet 2.1 subscription management tool, developed for management of electronic and printed titles, was released. Puumalainen tested the new LibNet 3.0 version before the service was launched and was very satisfied:

“With LibNet, information can be kept in one centralised location, enabling library personnel to maintain up-to-date resource registers. In addition, the new LibNet makes reporting easy. We server dozens of units, and before this we had to compile lists of journals subscribed to a unit manually. Thanks to the new features of LibNet 3.0, we can now print unit-specific PDF or Excel reports.”

In order to avoid unnecessary complaints, a publishing schedule service has been developed for LibNet. Puumalainen considers this a very useful feature: she has sometimes visited publisher’s websites herself to check whether or not a certain title has already been published and if a complaint is necessary. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the handling of title-related complaints is centralised in the library. If a title has not arrived, a notification will be sent to the library.

“Nowadays, we handle complaints mainly through LibNet instead of e-mail, as the progress can then be monitored in a single location by any member of the library personnel.”

The first time to renew subscriptions through LibNet

In 2010, the subscriptions of the Library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were renewed for the first time through LibNet. There was a great number of subscriptions to be renewed but the renewal process ran smoothly after we practiced it a little. All in all, cooperation has been active.

“We are in contact with LM Information Delivery every week. We need assistance in activating electronic titles, managing subscriptions for printed titles and ordering new subscriptions.”

Use of electronic resources made easier

LibNet 3.0 also has some new services to make e-resource management easier. In addition to the table of contents service, LibNet contains basic information on e-resource licences. With the LibLicence® function, libraries can find publishers’ up-to-date licence information and terms of use for thousands of e-titles.

“LibLicence is a very useful feature for us. Naturally I always receive agreements on terms of use of titles, but when information is needed, it is good if it can be found easily with just a couple of clicks.”

Benefits for the Library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • LM Information Delivery’s services used: Subscription Management Services, LibNet subscription management tool, PressDisplay, 360 Core and 360 Link
  • Benefits: Thanks to LibNet, information is kept in a single location where it is available to the entire personnel, use of electronic resources becomes easier and subscriptions can be renewed quickly.

LM Information Delivery’s services used

Subscription Management Services, LibNet subscription management tool, PressDisplay, 360 Core, 360 Link